I heard you managed to steal the Goblin King's slippers? Hmmm, that shows talent. And the word is that you're seeking Kinyanna? It's a shame that I'm a jerk and won't help you out... for free. Here's the deal; I gave my greatest friend a golden chain as a token of my unending friendship. But he ended our friendship. By dying. You need to go to the graveyard and and convince Murdill to give me back my chain. Then I might help you. Murdill has this whole 'don't loot from the dead' thing. I don't know what his problem is. I'll put down a ladder to the east so you can easily get from Bandit Lair to the graveyard

I don't want to hear about Warblik's chain again! Anyway, if you do him a favor he'll never let you pass. He'll just keep making you do other things. The only way to gain his respect is to fight his own men and present him with their bandit trinkets. Four of his haxmen and spikers should be impressive enough for even Warblik. A whole group of his men were just here trying to loot the graves, but after I beat them off with my spare spade they got fed up and went back up to the lair. I hope you've honed your fighting skills Warblik's men are pretty tough.

Where's my chain? Where did these trinkets come from? What? you pludered them from MY OWN MEN?! Hmmm, well at least I got something. I never really liked them anyway. I suppose you may pass on to Mros since you've proven yourself to be an unscrupulous rogue with no morals. Welcome to the Lair.