I must ponder what the next step is for the Dragon's Eye. In the meantime, a pressing issue has been brought to my attention.

I have recieved word that the Gristmill is under attack.

An ogre captain has descended from the mountains, leading a horde of undead warriors.

My soldiers needs provision from the mill to wage their campaign, but that ogre's minions have barricaded the door.

For strategic reasons I do not normally allow anyone to cross the bridge, but I shall give you a bridge pass

so that you may attempt a rear attack.

Take this pass and go see Horence the Bridge Guard in the south of Prindle Forest. He will aid you. Godspeed!

On an important mission from the Baron, eh? Be careful. That ogre is strong enough to break a man in two.

Don't forget to unlock the door if you do manage to defeat him.

The door is barred, but the latch can be undone from the inside. The door unlocks and swings open.

So you have killed the Ogre and broken the curse? Truly you are a formidable warrior and true hero.

I commend your courage. All the soldiers at the front are grateful to you, for the mill supplies their daily bread.

  • Required:
  • Rewards:
    • 163 Gold and 729 XP.
  • Additional Comment:
    • This is a quest which you need to prepare yourself with good equipment, abilities and also it take some fighting skill to manage this quest at low levels.

If you don't want a challenge then level up to at least level 12-13 and then you should have a chance to beat it.

You need to kill 1 Ogre Captain and 2 Skeletons.