So you're seeking Kinyanna? Nice girl, and a great bandit! Too bad you have to see her father Lomar and gain his permission first. Unluckily for you, Lomar likes to be on the tallest branch of the tree both literally and figuratively. He's also heavily guarded by his men. Luckily, if you take along this special drink I made for him, you'll have a chance to get by. Good luck with Lomar, you'll need it! And if you get to see Kinyanna tell her I said...hey. Uh oh. It's about that time when all bandits come to drink You're in for a treat!

  • Beware:

A handful of Warblik and Mros men spawn in and fight each other.

After this mess the whole lair's sure to be up in arms. Be careful out there!

So you've managed to get past my men, huh? That's impressive, but what's more impressive is that you haven't even spilled my drink! I hear you've been seeking my daughter? Well I'll tell you where she is if you answer my riddle.

  • Riddle

"If Norkin told you that everything he says is a lie, would he be telling the truth or would he be lying?"

  • Answer He is lying.

"Right! He is a lying old fart, isn't he?You can meet with Kinyanna down in the safe house below.Kinyanna is at the bottom of the west tree in my quarters.She'll be expecting you."