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    • Prerequisites

Slipper Stealing Quest from Yakennen

      • Description:
      • "I was going to the Bandit Lair anyway to hit the old man up for some gold. if you wanna find my sister Kinyanna I guess you can tag along.

They know me, being Lomar's son and all, but you're gonna have to work harder to make friends'. Take this trinket to Warblik. He'll recognize it, being that I looted it off one of his men you know I'm kinda tired, I'm gonna head back Oh by the way, I 'borrowed' some gold from your pocket, so I should be good for a while. Welcome to the bandit way of living! Later idiot."

Warblik:"So, you're a bandit now, eh? Well, I don't speak to or help and bandit I'm not in alliance with. You'll have to prove to me that you're a worthy ally first before I give you any information

Main Story Quest Chain

Saving Kara|Vost Fortress Overrun|Slipper Stealing|Finding Kinyanna|An Unbreakable Chain|Delivering the Message to Mros|Alliance With Bandit Mros|Off To The Greenman Tavern|Delivering the Special Drink