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Shadowtale's money system is based on Gold. 

Farming Techniques

1) Probably the most effect way to get money for players below level 10 is to get the quest The Groob Factor then kill all the groobs in Goblin Woods then reenter before actually turning in the mission then killing the groobs again.

2) Going in and out of the gate between Vost Fortress and Prindle Forrest is one of the better ways for a low level character to gain money. Every time you go thru that gate the boars respawn. They are usually an easy kill and level appropriate. Plus you are close to town to rest at the inn.

3) Another way is to go thru the goblin caves. In one door and out the other and pop right back in so that the monsters will respawn. I've spent the majority of my low level time there gaining gold. When going out the back door go right back in before the skeleton kills you. Unless you are a high enough level to handle it and DONT BE A NOOB AND TRY!

4) Do the collesium ranks, quick gold and exp.

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