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J'Hahenstar is the largest city in world of Shadowtale. It's located on the southern continent of J'Haria. The city can be accessed from the Edgewood docks by purchasing a ticket from the Toonin ticket taker or by purchasing a warp ticket from one of the inns.

Within the city are various shops such as Ferem's Arsenal, The Bath House, The Silver Thread, The Secret Spice, and The Honeyed Fig. To make J'Hahenstar your home one must visit The Scented Pillow and speak to Namir. Along with the shops there are entrances to various areas on the J'haria continent. To the west there is the Palace Garden and to the east lies the Dundra. Heading north will take you to the Coliseum Atruim or The Burning Desert.          

The residents of J'Hahenstar include the Toonin Ticket Taker, Young Pash, Hortus, Sophia, Trader Thran, Ferem, Namir, Tela, Dulcia, Babo, Pila, Old Pash, Gomel, Thydan, Seata, and three Khalarant Guards. These people are scattered throughout the city serving various purposes from trading to guarding the city exits. Most will have something to say to you at some point or another during your progress in the game. Some will have quests for you and a few have a purpose that is yet unknown.

A unique feature of this is city is The Bath House. It's located near the lower west end of town in a stone builing marked with sea creatures. Attending the bath is Sophia. Rather than a tavern this city has a restaurant called the Honeyed Fig run by Pila. In the upper section of the floor sits Babo the establishment's regular patron. As you explore the city you can stop into Seata's Snip Shop for a haircut or over to The Secret Spice to purchase pet food from Dulcia.

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