• Quest Giver


      • Description: (Edit: This quest has been removed and replaced with a similar quest. -Charsi)

"So, you want to find Kinyanna, eh? I'd bet my money, if I had any, that she's hiding out in our Bandit Lair. But if you want to avoid being killed there, you'll have to become a bandit and steal something pretty impressive... I hear the Goblin King wears amazing slippers in his Royal Chamber. he lives in the Goblin Cave, deep in the Goblin Woods. If you manage to steal those for me, I might even take you to the Bandit Lair myself. I don't think you know what you're in for. The Goblin King loves those slippers!"

"Wow! That's pretty impressive... I guess this confirms that you know how to steal. Welcome to bandithood. It's a real party, as you can tell."

Main Story Quest Chain

Saving Kara|Vost Fortress Overrun|Slipper Stealing|Finding Kinyanna|An Unbreakable Chain|Delivering the Message to Mros|Alliance With Bandit Mros|Off To The Greenman Tavern|Delivering the Special Drink