The Drunken Lute

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NameStatusLevelTypeCostResaleHP restoredover timeMana restoredover time
Grog big.png GrogMember1Food111810 sec
Root Beer big.png Root BeerFree1Food322710 sec
Mug of Ale big.png Mug of AleFree1Food423210 sec
Moon Elixir big.png Moon ElixirFree1Food634110 sec
Bottle of Ale big.png Bottle of AleFree1Food744510 sec
White Grape Juice big.png White Grape JuiceFree1Food1478210 sec
Elderberry Cordial big.png Elderberry CordialFree1Food18910810 sec
Flask of Black Tea big.png Flask of Black TeaFree1Food211114310 sec
Lemonade big.png LemonadeMember1Food241216410 sec
Sweet Lime Juice.png Sweet Lime JuiceMember1Food331728510 sec
Golden Ale big.png Golden AleMember1Food432249610 sec
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