The Headache Cure Quest

    • Quest Giver


      • Description:

Urgh! My head is killing me. I heard though that if you eat a treemold mushroom stew, and you don't die horribly, your headache goes away.

To make the stew I'd need four white mushroom caps and a scrape of tree mold from Goblin Woods.

I'd go myself, but I'm in no shape to face those mushrooms!

I hear that the tree mold is hard to see! Better follow your map and then click it when you get there!

Man, I'm grateful... Goblin Woods is pretty tough going!

Whoah! You got the ingredients already?

You're a real pal. Let's have a drink to celebrate!

"Well done, can't believe you found it!

    • Rewards: 17 Gold, 324 XP and 1 Grog.
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