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1 2 3 5 6 7
A Left door Left right doorDOWN
B CornerRightup 2way left right Left right doorDOWN Emptytile CornerRightdown door
C Down3way CornerLeftup CornerRightdown
D CornerLeftup

B1: Elin and his wife Grissa


brown cub bears

mountain yeti



brown bear

Notes by Shadowreaper:

The mountain pass is a dangerous place only level ten or higher players should go. When in the mountain pass the ogre and the brown bear are the most difficult, they're hp is over one hundred. athere are three brown bears in total and after that is you keep going until you'll see mountain yeti and a brown bear you don't have to kill them just go to the next area there you can got to the dwavren kingdom not silveine town you have to the to be member to pass